Norm & Nancy

Our Story


Our Mission Statement for Team Traders Club is based on one of our favourite Scriptures:  Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you ….. plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

We are a husband and wife trading team who developed an interest in trading several years ago and chose to pursue it and become the best traders we could.  Norm has an extensive background in the Welding Industry and Nancy has worked in the insurance and personal development fields and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. In Forex trading we have found our passion, our purpose, and our calling!  It is our hope to support and serve those who share the same dream.  Please allow us a few minutes to walk you through our journey and see if it doesn’t light a spark or resonate with you? 

After over 20 years in a successful, but very stressful career in industry, Norm was getting burned out and the extensive traveling was wearing him down.  We needed to find a way out and a path to a more rewarding life. Then Norm came home one day and suggested we look at “trading the markets”.  I thought he had flipped!  We knew NOTHING about the markets, let alone what a “ticker symbol or a pip” even was!  We had a dream and lots of passion! That was in March, 2005.

After a lot of research, we bought a “software system”, and hired a Trading Coach and started learning to trade the “Stock Market” ….. we were on our way to becoming Professional Traders!  Since we were both working full time, we spent every spare minute we had, including weekends and evenings, learning everything we could – reading tons of books, watching training videos over and over and over again!  We would travel to distant cities on weekends, even in snow storms and drive all night to get home to go to work on time Monday morning, just so we could take in seminars, courses, trainings, etc. 

We spent the first year trading stocks, then learned to trade options, then entered the Forex Market in 2006.  We listened to so many mentors and trainers and had every indicator on our charts, until one day we decided to “cut out the noise” and make trading “our own”.  It was at this point that we took all that we had studied and learned and began to build our own trading strategy that suited our trading style.

Remember, we had a dream and a goal to create an opportunity so Norm could leave the “rat race”, and lots of drive and passion to achieve it!  Well, we are proud to say Norm has been trading full time since 2009.  We now both trade together every day as “trading buddies”.  We have been students of this great industry of Forex Trading and we have “Done The Homework”. 

Some of our personal accomplishments to date include:

  1. We have become professional, full-time, Forex Traders.
  2. We have created several Training Manuals.
  3. Nancy created an Ebook called:  “The Winning Traders Mindset
  4. Together we created an 8 week Forex Training Program which we have taught to private students and to larger groups of both new and experienced traders
  5. In recent years we have organized several large training events featuring top industry trainers
  6. We developed and taught full day “Forex Bootcamps” to help new traders come up to speed on the basics of Forex trading and chart set-ups quickly.
  7. We created and taught several webinar series on how to develop a “Winning Traders Mindset”

In October, 2006 we founded a “Traders Support Group ”which has grown to include not only local traders but many International Members who regularly join us on-line.  Introducing:  “Team Traders Club”.

 Our purpose in creating Team Traders Club is to build a forum to help other like-minded traders develop their trading skills and to share with them all the little known tips & techniques that we learned through many years of study and trading and which have dramatically improved our trading success.  We have been dedicated and committed to learning this profession no matter what it took and we have a passion to learn and serve.  We invite you to explore our Club through this website and look forward to you joining our “Family of Traders” in the near future. 

 We believe the coaching, training, and information we have to offer can help with your trading success as it comes from our hearts to help make a difference in your journey to becoming a “Professional Trader”. We wish you many blessings in your trading journey and in your life!

We would like to express our deepest appreciation, firstly to our God, who has graciously provided us with the time, the financial resources, and the faith to follow our passion and pursue our dream of becoming Professional Traders, no matter how many challenges we were faced with.  We are also very grateful to our fellow traders in our Club, many traders & mentors we have met along the way, our coaching students, and especially our family and friends - you have all supported us and inspired us to keep learning and have touched our hearts in a special way.  We have learned much from each of you!

God Bless!

Norm & Nancy Lacasse, C.H.T. 
Forex Traders & Mentors