How To Make Money With An Online Business:  Forex & Stock Market Trading, Automated Trading Platforms, Online Identity Theft Protection Software & Live On-line Training & Support.


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"Automated Daily Stock Profits"


Leading the robotic trading revolution with intelligent tools that trade for you with little or no experience required. The FIRST and ONLY fully automated, robotic trading platform, with a proven track record that consistently and safely , grows, protects, and maximizes your profits.





Training Webinars


Weekly Support webinars for the Robotic Trading Platform, periodic webinars for manually trading the Forex market.





Individual Consultation / Mentorship


Members are encouraged to consult with Nancy and Norm to discuss their individual trade plans and improve their trading success.





Traders Mindset


Understand how developing a Traders Mindset is essential to your trading success and why overcoming our psychological barriers is the most difficult part of learning to be a successful trader. We consider you as a whole person, not just a “student” learning Forex.  We like to call it “Holistic Trading”.




Select Partners


Team Traders Club draws on the shared expertise and experience of Norm and Nancy and its members to identify Forex training and service providers. Team Traders Club has formed alliances with selected partners.







We are a husband and wife trading team who developed an interest in trading several years ago and chose to pursue it and become the best traders we could.  Norm has an extensive background in the welding industry and Nancy has worked in the insurance and personal development fields and is a certified Insurance Broker, Fundraising Consultant, and Hypnotherapist. In Forex trading we have found our passion, our purpose, and our calling!  It is our hope to support and serve those who share the same dream.  Please allow us a few minutes to walk you through our journey and see if it doesn’t light a spark or resonate with you?