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When I was told about the returns I could expect, I thought it was too good to be true. But after using it, I believe it's the real deal.
–Phillip R., Chicago, Illinois

CoolTrade™ gave me the ability to take my strategies that I was already using and input them into the system-just point and click.
–Jeff, New York City, NY

It won't buy or sell stock unless it passes different rules. I couldn't watch multiple stocks where there are rules attached but this can.
–Patrick, Scottsdale, AZ

Using CoolTrade™, you let it do its job. You just sit back and watch it make money. I feel I'm in control of my finances. It's a great feeling!
–Gerald, Scottsdale, AZ

I've been trading for years, and CoolTrade is the best tool that I've found that both screens stocks and automatically does the trading.
–Jeffrey H.

I love my robotic trader! One position that I was holding went up 19%. The trader grabbed that profit as soon as it started turning.
–Ian, New York City, NY

I've got a robotic system that picks the stocks; trades the stocks; closes out the trades & I don't do anything except look at my P&L.
–Jeff, NY

Nothing could be easier. It turns itself on in the mornings, buys and sells stocks during market hours and turns itself off after the market closes.
–Char M.

I set my AutoTrader to run automatically every morning. It scalps steady profits virtually every trading day and then turns itself off.
–Glen G.

I am actively using Cooltrade and happy with all the free time I have now not being tied to the computer and out of this chair working out in the gym has been a God send -thanks Cooltrade.  My Cardiologist thanks CoolTrade (his office is a block away from CTP) My wife thanks you because now I am getting many projects finished. My Grand kids love the time I spend with them. … Chuck Jones


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For the first time in the History of Victim Advocates We Are Endorsing a Product! The Cool Trader Pro

March 5, 2013 By:  Victims Advocates

Well, there is a first time for everything.  As you all know, we have been able to expose a lot of frauds and scams over the years.  We had an individual come to us with a proposition; would we be willing to review something that was real, that was not a scam or a fraud?  We were a little on the reluctant side but we agreed to.  Over two months was spent reviewing this product, how it works and the person who invented it.  Testing to insure it does what it has claims out there that it can do.  We went at this to try to prove it just another scam.  In the end, the fact is…..IT WORKS!

Now look, do your own research, but our efforts and investigation has ended and the fact is we have no problem giving this product our full endorsement.  It’s no scam.  Well worth the money, we are confident.  Victim Advocates are getting no checks written out to us.  That is a fact.  Victim Advocates is giving an unpaid endorsement that we have reviewed and investigated this product, Cool Trader Pro and it can take the guess work out of trading.  It’s the most exciting financial type software we have ever personally viewed.  We do not personally promote this, so if you desire to speak to someone that can help you get started, contact us and we will put you in contact with someone that can help you get more information.



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