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Shortcuts to Understanding the Forex & Stock Market Reference Manual

Table of Contents:

Definition of a Highly Successful Trader
General Forex Information
General Stock Market Information
Market Training
How Commodities Affect the Forex
News Events
Support & Resistance
Trends and Ranges
Inverse / Parallel Relationships
How to use Trendlines
Inverse/Parallel Relationships
Correlation of Markets
Moving Averages
Chart Patterns to Identify
Carry Trades
What Is Swap
Money Management
Trading as a Business
Miscellaneous Information
Forex Terms
The Forex Report – When to Trade
Frequently Asked Questions about Mentors
What it Takes
Internet Resources
List of Central Banks
List of Currency Symbols


Additional training manuals available.




“I have read 22 books on trading in the past few years, and your training manuals are in my top five! ……. MW”