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Individual Mentoring/Coaching:

Frequently Asked Questions about Mentors:

How do I know if a Mentor is honest, trustworthy, and their system works and not selling me a bill of goods?

Answer: There are a lot of questionable Forex Mentors out just to make a quick dollar. The questions to ask a potential mentor are the following and the answer to all of them should be Yes:

1) Do you still trade?
2) Do you also teach?
3) Is your priority to trade first and teach second?
4) Is your teaching method hands-on?
5) Do you provide live training?
6) Do you provide continuous training?
7) Do you have references?

Why should I spend all this money for a Mentor when I can learn on my own?
Answer: Whether you pay a good Mentor or make it on your own you will pay more if you try to make it on your own and find your own successful system. The best reason to find a good Mentor is the amount of time it saves by vastly reducing your learning curve. By doing it on your own, you still have to buy many, many books, DVD’s, attend seminars, etc. (and not sure even if you do so whether they are any good) and waste all that time and money, when you could use a proven Mentor.

Why do Mentors charge so much?

Answer: A Mentor charges the price they do because they earned it and deserved to be paid for all their countless hours of developing a successful trading method and spending their own money for providing the system and teaching documents and methods to their clients.

If these Mentors are so successful, why don’t they provide a money back guarantee?
Answer: The main reason Mentors do not provide a money back guarantee is because what they give you, you can’t give back. It is not like buying a product and if you don’t like it take it back. Another reason is, not everyone is cut out to be a trader, some are, some aren’t, so the Mentor has no way of knowing their potential client’s personal characteristics. It is not possible to guarantee success.

 How long will it take me to start making a lot of money?

Answer: Forex trading is NOT a get-rich-quick business. Sizeable amounts of money can be made but there are many variables involved with becoming a successful and profitable Forex trader. Variables include, what is your level of passion for trading, how much time do you have to devote to Forex education and training, do you have the mental temperament to sit in front of a computer screen for a few hours/day, how much initial capital is available to trade, etc. As you can see the amount of time can vary based on many variables. There are some traders that can be up to speed and making consistent profits within a few months where others may take a year or more.

Private Coaching Available

Answer: Upon request, private coaching is available in our webinar room for those who want to trade live in the Forex Market. Contact us for more details at

Sample of Training Subjects Available:

Candlestick formations and patterns, chart reading skills
Trend lines
Buy and Sell zones
How to trade channels
How to trade trend reversals
Review Norm's trade journals and receive live trade set-ups
How to trade price action
How to trade Fibonacci retracements and extensions

Here is what a few members have to say about trading with us:

From: WP
To: Norm Lacasse 
Sent: Monday, May 21, 2012 10:24:33 AM
Subject: nzdjpy
Hi Nancy & Norm,
Just wanted to thank you for the NDZ/JPY trade.  I got in @ 66.72.  There was no sign of it stopping @ 60.33, so I moved my stop down.  Got out Friday @ 59.56 for 715 pip profit!  Awesome trade!  Great call Norm!

From: DE
To: Norm & Nancy
Sent: Thursday, June 7, 2012 6:58:56 PM
Subject: Team Traders Club
Hello Nancy and Norm. 
I use my subscription to Team Traders as a signal service only. I take every trade that Norm recommends.
Best regards, DE