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What our members and students have to say about Team Traders Club:


“AMAZING. Norm and Nancy’s Mentorship Program is an educational, inspirational, and life-changing experience; an all-in-one package that provides you with simple, actionable, and extremely effective tools to be a successful trader/investor and live the life you’ve always wanted.  The course offers a well-balanced mixture of FX market knowledge, Technical analysis AND psychological training (which accounts for 90% of your trading success).

Norm and Nancy are incredibly supportive, enthusiastic, energetic, generous, and an absolute joy to be around. They are excellent teachers and cheerleaders who demonstrate an unmatched dedication to learning and helping others succeed. I signed up for N&N’s Mentorship Program with zero trading experience and very little knowledge of the Forex market (I had read two books).

I left as a more confident, productive, focused and goal oriented version of my prior self, with an arsenal of tools to be successful in the FX market and in life.  Trust the system, trust THEIR system, and do your homework. Do that and making pips will soon be the easiest and most fun part of your day. Whether you’re old or young; whether you’ve made 10,000 trades or one; whether you’re a FX Veteran or you’ve just begun; whether you have little confidence or a ton; whether you’re trading is for money or for fun; whether you have some skills or none - bring your desire, and willingness to learn and ‘N&N will get it done!’ (they’re number one).”   - CM

“Like the rest of you, I have listened to the experts and tried to follow too many of them. With this program they are sharing their extensive knowledge and years of experience. My learning curve has been drastically reduced because of this. I don’t have to experience all of the common mistakes of a trader because they have shown me how to create a successful trade plan and stick by it. I have to admit that I had a trade plan before but basically after I wrote it I very seldom stuck by it.  I entered too many trades because of an alert or a comment in the chat room or on a whim.  Some I won but more I lost.  I never reviewed my wins and losses so I really had no idea what was needed to be successful. I feel now I have the tools necessary to be a successful Forex trader and it is just a matter of applying all the things I have learned through their coaching. I don’t think you can find two more dedicated mentors than Norm and Nancy and I have found the whole experience to be enjoyable and very confidence building.

One thing you hear all the time is the importance of psychology of trading . It is what separates the winners from the losers.  We are fortunate to have Nancy who understands and can explain the power of the subconscious and work with you to optimize it for the best trading results. She is a certified hypnotist and can help you if there are blockages in your subconscious that are impeding your trading. Now I must tell you that everything is not just handed to you.  You must spend the time in the charts on your own and test out the trade plan and practice your entries and exits. Through journaling your trades you become aware of where your errors are being made. “ The consistency you seek is in your mind not in the markets.” I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is still struggling with trading or who is still paper trading because they can’t make the move to live trading.  Wishing pips to all “ … RM

An excellent program!  Thanks a million for all your support.” …… DF

I enjoyed every session in the program.” ……  TY

Since joining the program, so far my live capital account has increased 48%.  Thank you very much and I do believe that will increase as time goes on.” ….. EH

You guys are excellent and very good at chart analysis.  Nancy is fantastic on the work of the mind!” … TF

You made the forex market more clear & understandable. I learned how to cut my losses and let my winners run and how to be consistent and follow a trade plan.” …… MR